Artificial Intelligence in Practice

As Artificial Intelligence increasingly permeates various aspects of our lives, we are gradually becoming reliant on it, whether by choice or otherwise. To keep pace with the rapidly evolving contemporary world, individuals are incorporating AI into diverse fields such as business, industry, healthcare, and more. While the integration of AI enhances productivity and benefits everyone, it is not a straightforward process and demands specific skills and knowledge from those involved in initiating and implementing this integration. If you have a keen interest in the intricacies of practical AI application, consider exploring the AI application course presented by

About this course

The presence of Artificial Intelligence in any workflow makes it more convenient and significantly more efficient. Consequently, an increasing number of organizations are turning to AI for their operations. However, integrating modern AI applications into an organization’s activities requires an awareness of the challenges involved, including the nuances of implementation, support, and management.

To assist you in comprehending the various facets of introducing AI into different types of organizations, TUDelft in collaboration with ICAI has designed a course with a primary focus on demonstrating the methods and operational considerations of applying AI within your own organization. By analyzing the experiences of diverse organizations in deploying common AI applications, you will gain insights into what it takes to succeed in the complex process of AI implementation within your company.

What you’ll learn

This practical AI course will teach you how to:

  • Identify the benefits of introducing AI into companies and institutions, alongside the challenges of the process.
  • Determine the appropriate timing and conditions for implementing AI within a company.
  • Recognize the key considerations when integrating AI into your organization.
  • Develop an AI implementation plan tailored to your company.

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No prerequisite programming or specialized skills are required to enroll in this course. It is designed for individuals seeking to grasp the benefits that companies can attain through the adoption of AI, as well as the challenges they may encounter during the AI implementation process. If your current or prospective work is linked to these topics, we highly recommend joining this course.

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