Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our daily lives over the past decade, permeating various aspects of our routines, from virtual assistants to navigation applications and professional tasks. Its widespread application across industries has significantly enhanced productivity. If you’re intrigued by the world of AI, consider taking the course recommended by, which will guide you through the various stages of AI development.

About this course

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a crucial component for enhancing business efficiency across various sectors. To provide insights into the evolution and impact of AI in our lives, Accenture has designed a comprehensive free course on the subject.

The course primarily aims to educate participants on the history of AI development, its practical applications, and the key skills necessary for effective human-AI interaction.

What you’ll learn

Completing the provided course will enable you to:

  • Trace the evolution of AI from its inception to its current stage of development.
  • Comprehend the correlation between Artificial Intelligence and Automation.
  • Recognize the impact AI can have on reshaping job roles in the workplace.
  • Gain insight into leveraging AI and the essential skills required for that.

Join the course

With its engaging content, practical examples, and interactive tasks, this course offers a fresh perspective on AI. Interacting with fellow learners, you can explore the intricacies of AI and its current and potential impact on your life. This comprehensive course on Artificial Intelligence can be completed in approximately 6 hours, providing answers to all your queries about the fundamentals of AI and its implications.

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