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Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data [The Linux Foundation]

Artificial Intelligence and its main driver, data, have become integral components of the modern world. While we traditionally perceive AI as robots capable of performing various tasks, its scope has expanded significantly. AI is rapidly advancing and is now exerting influence over almost every aspect of our lives, from driving cars to managing business activities. While this progress is beneficial, it introduces security concerns, and unless we ensure its ethical dimension, we may encounter significant challenges. To assist you in navigating the complex landscape of AI ethics for your business, recommends enrolling in this AI Ethics course.

About this course

As the concepts underlying Big Data and AI remain inaccessible to the general public, this creates a sense of distrust regarding the security of their operations. People often express concerns about the security of their personal data, privacy, and related issues. Consequently, businesses extensively utilizing AI in their operations and professionals working with data should strive to enhance the current situation by fostering the ethical dimension of AI, thus ensuring its transparency and accessibility to the public.

Linux Foundation X has designed a course dedicated to the topic of AI and Big Data ethics. It emphasizes the critical significance of ethics in AI and introduces methods for developing and implementing ethical frameworks in various AI applications.

What you’ll learn

Upon completing this course, learners will gain knowledge in:

  • Identifying the primary approaches to developing ethical AI and key considerations for designing an AI framework.
  • Understanding the fundamental principles of ethics and their application to AI.
  • Outlining the steps involved in creating an ethical framework and its components.
  • Recognizing the key motivations for the advancement of open source and its connection to AI.

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By enrolling in this AI ethics course, you will have the opportunity to comprehend the importance of implementing AI ethical frameworks within your corporate endeavors to enhance their efficiency. Through the analysis of practical approaches to resolving data challenges encountered while working with Big Data and AI, you will discover ways to enhance productivity within your business environment.

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