Machine Learning with Python

Machine Learning with Python

The value of machine learning technology is continuously rising in today’s world. Enrolling in this course, developed by IBM and recommended by, will provide you with the opportunity to swiftly embark on a career in this competitive field.

Purpose of this Course

The aim of this course is to provide participants with fundamental knowledge of Machine Learning using the accessible and popular programming language, Python, and to impart practical skills through hands-on labs.

Throughout the course, you will explore supervised and unsupervised learning, examine the relationship between statistical simulation and machine learning, and conduct comparative analyses.

Considering the pivotal role of algorithms and models in machine learning, you will have the opportunity to delve into some of the most widely used ones and gain a better understanding of their application. Often, we are unaware of the pervasive impact of machine learning in our daily lives. This course offers a valuable opportunity to encounter such instances and witness its influence on modern society.

What you’ll learn From This Course

In this course, you will become acquainted with the following:

  1. Differentiation between supervised and unsupervised forms of machine learning.
  2. Algorithms utilized in supervised and unsupervised learning, such as Regression, Dimensionality Reduction, Classification, and more.
  3. The correlation between machine learning and statistical simulation, alongside comparative analyses.
  4. The societal impact of machine learning.

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The course spans 5 weeks, comprising 5 units dedicated to various aspects of machine learning. With no time constraints, you can conveniently tailor your learning process to fit your busy schedule. The course commences with the fundamentals, allowing any interested candidate to apply. Seize this opportunity and embark on your machine learning journey today.

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