Python Basics

Python Basics for Data Science

In the realm of modern technology, the most sought-after and lucrative jobs lie in the programming field. Enrolling in the course recommended by will provide you with an opportunity to grasp the fundamentals of programming and data science, even if you are an absolute novice in this domain. Soon, you will be able to independently engage in programming.

About this course

The course is tailored for individuals aiming to initiate programming, specifically learning Python for data science from the ground up. With this Python course, even beginners can swiftly acquire proficiency in data manipulation using the Jupyter-based lab environment and develop their own programs by the course’s completion.

Operating as a collaborative free platform, the Python for data science course offers participants an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other industry professionals using IBM’s Watson Studio and advance their individual projects. Participants in this introductory course will quickly master fundamental skills in programming, AI, and parallel processing.

What you’ll learn

The course will assist you in getting started with programming in Python. It will introduce you to:

  • The fundamentals of Python and its applications.
  • The definition and application of core concepts in Python, including variables, data sets, control statements, functions, and more.
  • File usage for data reading and writing in Python.
  • The utilization of pandas, essential for data analysis in Python.

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By dedicating just 2-5 hours per week at your own pace and schedule, you can become proficient in Python within 5 weeks. The course comprises 5 modules, each focusing on a specific component of the program, facilitating gradual learning and reinforcement of the material. Enroll in this course and soon you’ll be well on your way to a new profession..

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