Web Programming with Python and JavaScript

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About this course

This course aims to enhance participants’ skills in designing and implementing web applications using programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and SQL, along with Django, React, and Bootstrap frameworks.

Course participants will undertake a series of projects to bolster their web design skills, culminating in the creation of their own websites. Topics covered include database design, security, user experience, and more.

The list of project examples includes:

  • Designing and implementing your own web application using Python or JavaScript.
  • Creating an online encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia or an e-commerce auction site.

What you’ll learn

The course aims to impart essential knowledge and practical experience for mastering the concepts and tools required to design and implement web applications.

Upon completion, participants will gain proficiency in the following:

  • HTML for web page creation
  • CSS for enhancing web page appearance
  • Sass for advanced CSS capabilities
  • GIT for web programming application development
  • Programming languages such as JavaScript and Python for improved website functionality
  • Django usage for effective web development
  • Various methods for code testing to ensure smooth operation.

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The course spans 12 weeks and has been developed by Harvard University to enhance participants’ computer science acumen. It focuses on teaching the fundamentals of web design, enabling them to create their own websites.

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